Operational Readiness - Ensuring the Transition from Construction to Startup to Operations and Maintenance

A major LNG Owner Operator has multiple projects at the EPC phase in addition to an existing facility. From the OWNER'S perspective, a key point of frustration involves migrating "all that asset data" as early as possible into a CMMS and AIM that is comprehensively aligned with asset taxonomy of the ERP.

Operational Readiness - Ensuring the Transition from Construction to Startup to Operations and Maintenance

Flush with engineering work, EPCs tend to push back on maintenance programs even though much, if not all, data is available at the EPC facility in electronic format 12 to 18 months before startup. AOC consultants work with EPCs and the Owner Operators to identify the value to both organizations to bring this data migration forward as part of a system risk based asset management program. All asset families are integrated by system and business operating unit as part of operational readiness which can easily be a deliverable from the EPC. It is really all about the data and understanding what data goes where.

AOC's work process for effecting this effort is simple and straight forward. Utilizing tools like Intergraph's SmartPlant Fusion to rapidly find, capture, and organize large volumes of unstructured information, eliminate duplicates and outdated revisions, and extract intelligence and establish links, AOC is able to pull the plethora of data from a wide variety of data sources and push the data into the target import load sheets required by the CMMS and/or asset integrity management software solution like Meridium's APM. For additional information, please see the presentation delivered at Intergraph's PP&M USA User Conference 2014.


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